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May 17, 2018  Hosted by UC Riverside 

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The UC Riverside College of Engineering- Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are honored have our invited guest celebrate with us at CARB’s 50th Anniversary Technology Symposium and Showcase on May 17, 2018. The Technology Symposium and Showcase will be held at the Bourns Conference Center adjacent to the UC Riverside CE-CERT campus (1200 Columbia Avenue, Riverside California). 

The Symposium will highlight CARB’s history of clean air leadership that has driven innovative solutions and made monumental improvements to Southern California’s air quality. Working closely with researchers, notably the Statewide Air Pollution Research Center at UC Riverside, CARB focused on the key issues of smog and aerosol formation in the air basin, and devised control strategies to address those critical ingredients. But the next half century will bring new air quality and climate challenges, and the solutions may require a range of different approaches. Driving technology is still central, but what is the role of research, policy and regulation in the face of the growing need for social equity in ensuring the distribution of the benefits of the cleanest vehicles? What is the role of policy and regulation against the backdrop of the growing disruption of emerging technologies such as low-cost air quality sensors and autonomous vehicles?

The afternoon will focus on this interplay of research, policy and technology in both the near and long term.  We will have representatives of government, industry and academia examining how we might influence and accelerate the development of the technologies that will have a transformational effect on our progress toward achieving a truly sustainable California.

To complement this discussion we also invite you visit the Technology Showcase that will be held both inside and outside the conference center.  Here you will have an opportunity to see firsthand a sampling of the technologies of our future, including an interactive virtual reality experience of the planned Riverside CARB emissions testing facility. 

For more information on attending the symposium, or to submit an application for the Technology Showcase, contact Kathy Vang at 951-781-5730 or




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